Impellers comprise glass reinforced blades made from high performance composite material and aluminium alloy hubs capable of working at a total pressure of 900 Pa, with airflows up to 130 000 m3/h. B3 type IEC motors are used as standard.

Attributes and special features:
The MAXvent2 axial range fans is available in 13 diameters ranging from 315 to 1400 mm. Depending on the diameter, the motors are available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles configurations. For each diameter and each speed of rotation, the range includes 5 impeller blade angles giving a total of almost 175 possible configurations.

high pressure refrigeration: condensers, evaporators, coolers, wind turbines, industrial machines, co-generators, kitchen extract, air washing, ventilation ducts, motor cooling, compressor cooling, drying technology