As a premier supplier to some of the biggest manufacturers of Crushing and Screening Equipment in the World JJ Loughran are proud to announce we will be exhibiting at the upcoming CQMS show in Tullamore Co Offaly.

Based in the heart of Crushing and Screening Country, COOKSTOWN Co Tyrone, JJ Loughran can boast one of the largest stocks of electric motors, geared units and ancillary equipment in the country. JJ Loughran is also proud to announce a new distribution deal with ROSTA Suspension, Oscillating Conveyor and Tensioning Technologies, we will be exhibiting some of the latest elements in this range along with our standard product ranges.

The CQMS show will take place on April the 17th and 18th in Molly’s Quarry Tinnycross, Tullamore, Co Offaly. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.


In the wake of stage 2 of the EU MEPS (efficiency requirements for Low voltage Motors) which came into effect on January 1st 2015, We at JJ Loughran felt this was a good opportunity for us to exhibit at the upcoming Energy Show in the RDS Dublin.

As a leading stockist of High Efficiency Electric Motors, we can offer customers access to the most up to date information to ensure they are compliant with the ever changing EU laws on electric motors.

We will be exhibiting at Ireland’s flagship event for professionals in the energy sector on March 25th and 26th.

JJ Loughran will be exhibiting its extensive range of Electric Motors, High Efficiency Helical Geared Units, Energy Efficient Variable Speed Drives and Ventilation Equipment.

Along with our partners ABB, MOTOVARIO, VACON and ZIEHL ABEGG we look forward to welcoming you to our stand to discuss opportunities to save energy and advice on industry best practice.


To see some of our work both on-site and in-house go to our Flickr page.  At JJ Loughran we strive for perfection and are proud to show off our work to the public.  We have images of specialised ABB electric motors, custom design control panels, variable speed drive installations, large electrical motor repairs, electrical testing and much more.

To view our photos on Flickr scroll to the bottom of any page on JJLOUGHRAN.COM or go to OUR FLICKR PAGE.


Due to the continued growth of JJ Loughran Ltd over the last number of years we have had too significantly increase stock holding in order to meet our customer demand.  To manage the flow of goods in and out more efficiently, we have invested in a portable barcoding system that allows us to track stock, goods in, dispatches and deliveries.

“As a business we are always focused on improving, we had being looking at areas of our business where we could make efficiency saving and seen a real opportunity for improvement around our flow of goods, which had being causing a bottle neck in our businesses.  We are now able to select, dispatch and deliver goods incredibility fast whilst keeping accurate stock control by scanning the products as they come off the shelf.  Furthermore; before we implemented this system a manual stock take could take anything up to two days, our stock count is now done in a matter of hours. “– JJ Loughran Stores Manager

The ability to manage stock wirelessly through the handheld scanner saves time on stock count and analysis by up to 90%. Eliminating most of the paperwork and repetition required when keeping control of  stock, reducing the input errors and delays that can occur with manual processes, it will also allow faster and more accurate select and dispatch routines that will automatically result in better customer service.


Thursday 23rd January, 2014:

Local engineering company, JJ Loughran, is selected to join an exclusive global network by international automation giant ABB Ltd, aimed at improving the operational efficiency of electric motor driven applications.

The appointment of JJ Loughran, as a member of the Authorised Value Provider network comes after 15 years developing its business in supplying, installing and servicing electric motors used to power pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors.

“After years of hard work, building up our expertise and business in the Irish Market, it is great to be recognised by ABB and appointed part of this global network,” says Kevin Loughran, Engineering Director.

ABB is a world leader in automation systems and manufactures, among many other products, a device called a variable-speed drive and a range of electric motors. The motors are used to power applications like water pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors. The variable-speed drive is used to adjust the speed of the electric motor to match the demand. If the demand is low the motor is slowed down, thereby saving energy.

“Becoming an Authorised Value Provider is not easy,” explains ABB’s Neil Ritchie. “Members need to have been in business for at least five years and then agree to invest in internal, sales and service engineers, a workshop, training facilities and stockholding. They then need to attend the ABB University on an on-going basis to ensure that the technical competence of their engineers meets ABB’s exacting standards.”

ABB is responding to changing customer needs which includes the desire to outsource specialist support, purchase packages rather than standalone products and the increasing pressures on industry from legislations, regulations and directives.

For instance, members are trained to spot energy saving opportunities across commerce and industry. “We have perfected a technique that in just half-a-day can spot electric motors that can be operated more efficiently. We have served many companies from McDonald’s restaurants to Tata Steel. All are saving between 20 to 70 percent off their energy bill,” says Kevin Loughran, Engineering Director.

ABB (WWW.ABB.COM) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people.


JJ Loughran has recently upgraded their balancing instruments with the purchase and commissioning of a new state of the art IRD soft balancing machine. This equipment will allow us to improve accuracy and deliver faster balancing times; its larger capacity will allow us to balance rotors, shafts, drums and fans up to 3 tonnes.

The new equipment will also allow us to give the customer more detailed and comprehensive balancing reports. The system is designed to allow the most exact tolerances at lower and safer balancing speeds.

The IRD soft balancing machine can easily accept rotor configurations outside the standard machine specification; it will accept rotors mounted in their own bearing or plumber block bearing assemblies. It is the only balancing machine that provides a built in quality check and state of the art windows 7 built in touch sensitive interface.

If you have any equipment that needs balanced please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do we need to balance rotors, shafts and fans?

It’s really simple, low levels of vibration indicate low vibratory forces, resulting in an improved machinery life. With JJ Loughran state of the art equipment we can detect analysis and correct any problems in rotational equipment.


The Open Day on the 2nd Sept 2013 was a great success resulting in many of our current customers, along with a few new customers receiving advice from the experts in drives and industrial energy saving.  To all who came we appreciate the time taken to visit us and we hope you left with some important information about the best drives in the business.  

For anyone who didn't make it but would still like some advice on drives please feel free to give us a call for a chat about our range of Vacon drives and how they can improve efficiency, resulting in you saving money.


ON 2nd September 2013 – 8am to 7pm @ JJ Loughran head office – Free iPad 4 & iPad mini Prize Draws

Typical running costs for a fully loaded motor are in the range £1,770/year for a 2.2kW motor to £25,970 a year for one rated at 37kW (assuming an electricity price of £0.08/kWh).Source Carbon Trust.

FACT: 65% of all global industrial electricity is consumed by the electrical motors that drive plant and equipment

FACT: Save Energy With Vacon - Save Money Using a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to reduce the speed of a pump or fan application can typically achieve the following savings; ·

Reducing motor speed by 10%, can achieve up to a 27% reduction in energy consumption ·

Reducing motor speed by 20%, can achieve up to a 48% reduction in energy consumption

SOLUTION : Visit our Vacon truck on 2nd September FROM 8 AM TO 7PM @ JJ Loughran Head Office in Cookstown. Get up close to leading products from the widest portfolio of AC drives around and take part in training discussions, product presentations, and ask questions to the industry’s leading experts, and much more.– READ MORE >>> 

Are you attending to the Vacon Truck on Tour presentation? If so then please fill out the following form by clicking on this link, it only takes 1 minute. Thanks.


JJ Loughran where called to a Co. Antrim food manufacturing facility to assess the feasibility of fitting VSD’s to their HVAC Supply Air Handling units.

The facility didn’t want to disturb or diminish the standard of ventilation at the factory but where aware that at certain times of the week they were able to reduce the output of the system by reducing the speed of the motors as many of the line operatives shift was over and mainly wash down was in progress.

The aim was to reduce energy by fitting VSD’s to the six main air handling units that included 1*90Kw, 1 *18.5Kw and 4*11.0Kw.

All where originally Star Delta operated and there was no room within the existing control panel enclosures to get the drives fitted.

JJ Loughran working along with Vacon chose the IP55 Vacon Flow drive that allowed JJ Loughran engineers to fit the VSD’s outside the control panels as needed. Allowing for quick fitting and changeover and minimised installation costs to the customer.  For the 90Kw drive, the IP21 version was chosen and built into a control panel by JJ Loughrans’s control panel division.

The customer was particularly impressed with the built in time clock that allowed the drive to adjust its frequency automatically at precisely the required times during each day, Monday to Sunday. Self adjusting internal time clock for daylight savings allows the drive to be self-sufficient from time of set up.

The Vacon operating programme was written by JJ Loughran engineers and downloaded into each of the drives that all had separate requirements.

List of drives

Quantity 1: Vacon 0100-3L-0170-5-FLOW – 90.0 Kw

Quantity 1: Vacon 0100-3L-0038-5-FLOW – 18.5Kw

Quantity 4: Vacon 0100-3L-0023-5-FLOW – 11.0Kw 

Complete installation of the five smaller drives was carried out over a two day period and because of the preliminary works carried out by JJ Loughran engineers, no changeover of any fan motor to VSD, exceeded 30 minutes downtime of the system. 

The 90kw control panel was fitted, connected and commissioned within a 2 hour period.


JJ Loughran have received recognition from ABB at their yearly Motor Service Partner (MSP) distributor conference in Coventry. The conference attended by all MSP’s for the UK and Ireland is held yearly to review the continued growth and development of ABB as the leading force and market leader in electric motor engineering, distribution and servicing.

JJ Loughran attended the MSP Conference representing Northern and Southern Ireland and are the newest addition within the MSP family as JJ Loughran in 2012 celebrate only their 4th full year as an MSP.

Receiving the recognition award on behalf of everyone at JJ Loughran, John Loughran commented; “I would like to thank ABB for their support over the past 4 years in what has been a great partnership for JJ Loughran; we look forward to 2013 where we feel we are in a market leading position with ABB’s world leading product range and technical support network”

Since 2009 JJ Loughran have sized, distributed and retrofitted ABB’s electric motors and machines throughout the UK and Ireland. In this time our technical sales team and stock profile have allowed us to win ABB business round the world to include direct sales from JJ Loughran stock to England, Scotland, Germany, China, Dubai and Hungary.

In late 2011 JJ Loughran also won a record single order for the company with the export of a quantity of two ABB 560Kw Low Voltage 8 Pole Electric motors to a specialist Mining application in Sierra Leone.