Get involved with MyMotovario 4.0

Motovario have released their latest app for iOS and Android, making it available for JJ Loughran staff and customers to view full range of Motovario products and features.

With MyMotovario 4.0 you can:

  • Select the product thanks to the new product configurator or performance-based tool, then download the 2D/3D model and request a quote directly
  • Read and download the technical documentation. Catalogues, leaflets and manuals of all Motovario products are available to you: helical gear reducers, helical bevel gear reducers, shaft mounted gear reducers, worm-gear reducers, electric motors and motor inverters
  • Corporate and Marketing area. You'll be able to access institutional content such as Motovario brands, forms and marketing guidelines. A real online corporate identity.
  • Additional features for MACs (Motovario Assembly Centers) are available, such as work instructions and product configuration downloads

Try it now on your smartphone or tablet!


The Danfoss / Vacon Drives show is on the road

At Danfoss :  Vacon, we’re always looking for new ways to show you how a better tomorrow is driven by drives. So we’ve come up with an exciting concept where we come to you – the Danfoss : Vacon Drives Truck Tour along with our local distributor JJ Loughran.

Inside the truck, you’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our virtual reality world of drives. Put on a set of goggles and enjoy a unique 360° experience of four different industry segments Marine, Water and Wastewater, HVAC and Food and Beverage.

The Drives truck will be located at

Shandon Park Golf Club BT5 6NY, Belfast: on Thursday 30 June 2016.

In total the truck will be visiting over 80 destinations during its six months journey.

We welcome you on board for a hands-on experience of how to get more out of less, by implementing tomorrow’s technology, today.

Operate VLT® and VACON® drives first-hand and get expert advice about your own applications.

Our team of professionals will be readily available to share their drives and application expertise, and show how to strengthen your competitive edge through continuous innovation.

Learn more about the broad range of service offerings, and the dedicated service organization that uses its global network to support your business locally.

Do you have a problem with your conveyor / application running back?

It is well known that if you stop an incline conveyor, bucket elevator or any other application that is used to transport or lift product fully loaded the application will run back spilling the product onto the ground, with this happening you will lose product, production & more importantly time. With our new backstop range we can stop this happening. All of our Motovario Backstops are manufactured to the highest quality and will carry the Motovario two year warranty giving the customer peace of mind at an affordable price.

The industry standard way for stopping an application running backwards was to fit a brake motor (which can be costly as it has a higher purchase cost plus the ongoing replacement of wear parts) additionally the cost of the installing the unit also increased as the customer had to install a separate supply to power the brake on the electric motor if there is a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) fitted. With a Motovario backstop being fitted to your application we can replace costly brake motors with standard AC induction motors.

JJ Loughran now have a full stock of anti-run back / Backstop devices for all of our Bevel Helical, Helical Inline & Shaft Mounted Motovario gear units. This allows the user to fit a standard AC motor, as the gearbox can only turn in one direction. The gear unit will mechanically lock into position if the shaft is turned in the opposite direction to which the backstop is fitted.

Motovario gear units that have backstops fitted have no dimensional increase, this ensures the unit remains compact with no machine redesign needed.

JJ Loughran MAC Manager David Kelley commented “With this addition to our large stock profile of gear units we will have even more flexibility to directly interchange with other leading manufactures of gear units such as SEW, Bonfigoili, Nord and Siemens/Flender, to name just a few. By us putting in this additional investment JJ Loughran will reduce down time and lost production costs to our process customers. It will also allow us to have increased availability and flexibility to our customers in the original equipment manufacturing sector.