Malawi is among the world's least-developed countries. The economy is heavily based in agriculture, with a largely rural population.
Bally-Kajoni Orphan Care Program operates in northern Malawi looking after over 400 local children. It is run and managed by Chief Allen Kambundi Msiska who is tireless in his efforts to provide the best quality of life for his people and especially the orphan children.

He is assisted by a group of people from Northern Ireland who have been able to help them with clothing, toys, hospital beds, a tractor and a water turbine. JJ Loughran is delighted to be able to help in a small way by donating an Amco-Marelli generator & electrical switchgear which when joined with the water turbine will replace a diesel generator and provide electricity for their community.

Some of the power that will be generated will be used to grind maize to feed the orphans. This mill is also an important source of economic independence as it’s spare capacity is used by the local community. This is a big forward step in achieving their goal of being a sustainable community who are concerned about local conservation.

Supporting such economic development which helps vulnerable groups in the community such as the orphans and poor people is essential for all people to progress sustainably and enjoy their place in this beautiful world.


Posted on 11 Feb