JJ Loughran has recently upgraded their balancing instruments with the purchase and commissioning of a new state of the art IRD soft balancing machine. This equipment will allow us to improve accuracy and deliver faster balancing times; its larger capacity will allow us to balance rotors, shafts, drums and fans up to 3 tonnes.

The new equipment will also allow us to give the customer more detailed and comprehensive balancing reports. The system is designed to allow the most exact tolerances at lower and safer balancing speeds.

The IRD soft balancing machine can easily accept rotor configurations outside the standard machine specification; it will accept rotors mounted in their own bearing or plumber block bearing assemblies. It is the only balancing machine that provides a built in quality check and state of the art windows 7 built in touch sensitive interface.

If you have any equipment that needs balanced please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do we need to balance rotors, shafts and fans?

It’s really simple, low levels of vibration indicate low vibratory forces, resulting in an improved machinery life. With JJ Loughran state of the art equipment we can detect analysis and correct any problems in rotational equipment.

Posted on 11 Feb