JJ Loughran Supply Bespoke Products

At JJ Loughran we pride ourselves on the diverse range of products we stock & source as well as the services we offer. This morning’s dispatches included two number 8000/1 7.10KW 6 Pole OLI Vibrating motors used on a new OEM screening application. Second is a bespoke RNA24 gearbox fitted with backstop and oil pump for a cooling tower gear unit application.  Thirdly is a S20 shaft mount gear unit with special 4 inch bore for a heavy duty quarrying application.

Our technical engineering sales team can help you find solutions to your industrial engineering needs, please get in touch at sales@jjloughran.com for assistance. Additionally we can also carry out routine maintenance and overhauls ensuring full product lifecycle support of existing and new equipment.

Posted on 5 Nov