JJ Loughran upgrade to Lexseco 25KVA Core Loss Tester

The Model 2025 Core Loss Tester is a fully automated high current, low voltage test centre designed specifically for testing rotors, stators, and armatures up to 1250 HP or 25kVA. The Model 2025 simulates the real-world operating conditions and calculates core loss based on actual device characteristics using our industry leading MP 7™ software. The Model 2025 provides documentation of the rebuild and manufacturing processes by automatically generating customized reports detailing core performance. The Model 2025 Core Loss Tester verifies the effectiveness of the repair and production processes therefore protecting against premature motor failures. This verification assures greater reliability and efficiency while reducing warranty costs and improving customer satisfaction. The LEXSECO Model 2025 Core Loss Tester provides a quick, efficient, and highly accurate method for determining losses found in the core of stators, rotors, and armatures.


Core loss is a major cause of inefficiency in electric motors, second only to copper winding loss. The LEXSECO Core Loss Tester can determine if a motor is capable of operating at rated efficiency after rebuilding or at time of manufacture and provides the highest accuracy available today.



During installation & commissioning of the equipment JJ Loughran engineers underwent a rigorous 2-day training course.


The LEXSECO automated Core Loss Testers assure that electric motor products are reliable and energy efficient. This assurance shows that JJ Loughran are protecting our customers’ investment by reducing downtime and energy consumption and reducing your costs associated with warranty repairs. Key Features of the equipment are as follows.

·  Fully automated test process

·  Flux Measurement accuracy of ±0.1% per range

·  MP 7™ software

·  Measurement system specifically designed for core loss testing

·  NIST compliant & certified calibration process

·  Winding verification

·  Complete repair documentation centre

·  Thermal overload protection

·  DC Armature & AC Rotor Testing Package

Posted on 21 Aug