Meet the newest member of the JJ Loughran team, our Vixen parts washer.

This state-of-the-art front-loading jet wash machine will be used in our engineering workshop to help degrease and clean electric motor parts, pumps, gearboxes and other hard to clean electrical engineering components. The vixen parts washer is designed to clean numerous heavy-duty parts up to 1 Tonne in weight.

At JJ Loughran we believe passionately in reducing our environmental footprint while maximising engineering efficiency, with this in mind the Vixen parts washer has been specially designed and manufactured  for JJ Loughran with an additional heating coil to allow the water to be heated using a renewable energy source. The unit is made from high grade stainless steel and is fully insulted to ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum. The Vixen part washer also holds over 1000 litres of water and has additional filtration, oil separation and detergent dosing devices to allow for reuse and recycle of 100% of the water used in the wash process.

The machine is fully automatic with bespoke HMI and PLC, which allows our engineers to load items then tend to other jobs while the Vixen jet washer is running its cycle. This will speed up the process of repairs and maximises efficiency in our engineering workshop, while greatly reducing our environmental impact.

Posted on 9 Dec