Ivan Mitchell Retires

Last week saw one of our esteemed colleague's Ivan Mitchell retiring after 29 years of service with JJ Loughran.

Ivan joined JJ Loughran in the winter of 1992; before this Ivan worked as a process control engineer in the concrete industry in Mid Ulster.

Throughout his years of service with JJ Loughran Ivan became a well-known face throughout JJ Loughran customer sites within the UK & Ireland. Ivan was always willing to help customers, his colleagues and friends in JJ Loughran and never said no to a challenge.

Company founder Sean Loughran pictured with Ivan said, "Ivan has been an integral member of the JJ Loughran team since the early 90's. Ivan's knowledge of process controls' was second to none. No type of motor controls or control panel big or small phased him and Ivan always got the job done. I wish Ivan all the best on his well-earned retirement and want to thank him on the contribution he made to the business over the past nearly 30 years.

Ivan has a passion for boats and the open water, we also added a picture of a DMC DeLorean car to his retirement cake ; as Ivan was a test driver for DeLorean Motors at their production facility and test track in Dunmurry in the early 1980's, truly a man of many talents.

The management and staff at JJ Loughran would like to wish their work colleague and friend Ivan all the best in his well-earned retirement. If we could go back in time in the DeLorean to get you for another 29 years we would!

Posted on 26 Aug