Optimized e-Drivetrain motor platform using our broad technology portfolio, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

ABB has been active in the industrial and railway market for motor solutions for more than 100 years, designing and supplying reliable motors to be operated in harsh environments and tough conditions.

We are addressing the e-mobility market by combining our knowhow in high volume manufacturing from industrial motors to customized motors for the railway business. Using our broad technology portfolio, we can choose the best fit-for-purpose solution for the customer. We focus on providing the right solution not only for optimizing performance and reliability, but also for minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Example applications:

  • Construction equipment
  • Mining vehicle
  • Harbor equipment (automated guided vehicles/fork lifts)
  • Forestry segment

Key features:

  • Compact and robust design for harsh environments
  • Typical protection class IP65
  • Liquid cooling with up to 65°C coolant temperature
  • Flexible mounting
  • Easy commissioning with ABB HES880 converter

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