• Service capacitors
  • Inlet nozzles
  • Flexible air intakes
  • Rubber suspension elements
  • Spring suspension
  • Extraction guard grille

Service capacitors

Appropriately dimensioned service capacitors are required to operate 1~ motors. Ambient temperature of -25 to +85°C.

Inlet nozzles

Fans are operated with an inlet nozzle for optimum impeller inflow. Version made of galvanised sheet steel or partly plastic with measurement device for volume flow measurement.

Flexible air intakes

Square air intakes with flexible adapter are available for the flexible connection of built-in fans. The fabric material consists of polyester/PVC, the frame is steel galvanised. Max. permissible temperature 80°C.

Rubber suspension elements

As an alternative to spring suspension for structure-borne sound insulation. These have a low insulation rate, but have good damping characteristics that can offer benefits for specific assembly types. Rubber suspension elements are often sufficient at high fan speeds and with a rigid substructure.

Spring suspension

To prevent the transfer of structure-borne noise and vibrations to systems and the building. These have a high insulation rate and therefore high spring compression.

Extraction guard grille

Fans are designed as components for air conditioning, ventilation and extraction systems. They can only be operated once all the protective devices are in place. If the intake or outflow openings are freely accessible, protective devices must be fitted to the fan.

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