Product specification:

ATEX fans for housing/built-in version.
Manufactured in conformity with ATEX 2014/34/EU and tested for use in zones 1 and 2 plus 21/22.

  • Oil and petrochemicals industry
  • Plant and manufacturing systems engineering
  • Ignition protection types for special Ex motors
  • De: version in explosion-proof housing
  • The housing can resist the pressure of an explosion and prevents the force of the explosion being transferred outwards.
  • E: Increased safety
  • Avoid sparks or electric arcs close to internal or external parts.
  • nA: non-sparking operating equipment
  • Does not ignite in ambient explosive atmospheres in normal operation and under defined abnormal operating conditions.
  • td: Protection provided by housing
  • Max. surface temperature and the ingress of dust are restricted.

Properties & special features:

  • Surface finish: electrically conductive
  • Special sealed versions to separate the different zones. From 2 x shaft seal through to carbon labyrinth seal incl. sealing gas connection.
  • Different versions for zone 1 and 2 or 21/22
  • Fans for explosion groups IIa, IIb and hydrogen

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