Product specification:

Centrifugal fans with spiral housing, single-ended extracting, direct-drive. Max. supply medium temperature 400°C

Properties & special features:

  • High-performance impeller with backward-curved blades, dynamically balanced
  • Rugged, welded scroll housing made of treated sheet steel
  • RAL 7032 or stainless steel-pickled and passivated
  • Drive motor as standard IEC motor in IMB3 & IMB5 version and all other standard versions
  • Volume flow rate 22,000 - 100,000 m³/h
  • Pressure 2,600 - 20,000 Pa

Motor concepts:

  • IEC standard motor versions: IMB3 or IMB5
  • Option of special motors also available: ISO H or with stainless steel shafts

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