Product specification:

Free running fans without housing. Special design with a base and counter base frame, rollers for ease of movement and mobility. Fast and convenient interchangeability. Free choice of motor.

Properties & special features:

  • Flexible adaptation to existing design
  • Pneumatic brake design, e.g. for emergency stop mode
  • Base and counter base frame (industrial design)
  • Impellers and inlet nozzles freely configurable
  • Adaptation to your operating point
  • Non-return devices grease and oil lubricated
  • Free choice of colour
  • With all accessories, e.g. vibration monitoring, temperature monitoring, speed monitoring
  • Ring line for volume flow determination A25
  • Atex Zone 1 and 2 available

Motor concepts:

  • IEC standard motor construction: e.g. IMB3 or IMB5 etc.

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