The Definite Purpose family of motors covers many applications and encompasses many industries. This family includes three phase Two speed, Single phase Pressure Washer, Arbor Saw, Woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA, U-Frame, Automotive Duty, Aluminum, TENV, 42C frame and Synchronous Permanent Magnet motors.

2 Speed Motors
Designed for use in applications in which multiple speeds are required.

Pressure Washer Motors
Designed for use on pressure washers, steam cleaners, portable & self contained stationary system for direct drive mount and double mounted designs.

Arbor Saw Motors
Designed for heavy duty circular saw applications.

Woodworking Motors
Designed for use on woodworking equipment.

Pre-1952 NEMA Motors
Designed for applications that require Pre-1952 Nema frame dimensions.

U-Frame Motors
Designed for applications that require U- frame motor dimensions.

Automotive Duty Motors
Designed for the automotive industry.

Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motors
Designed for those applications requiring inherent, precise, open-loop speed regulation of individual or multiple interconnected operations.


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