Baldor offers the widest variety of Washdown Duty motors available from stock. Better performance & reliability are the inspirations behind Baldor’s new and improved Washdown Duty motors. We accomplished this by adding features like an improved paint system, Baldor’s Inverter Spike Resistant insulation system, Class F insulation with Class B (or lower) temperature rise, Mobil Polyrex® EM grease, customer-friendly drain plugs, and shaft seals.

White Washdown Motors
For multi-shift food and pharmaceutical processing applications, Baldor Washdown Duty motors deliver both reliability and energy cost savings. The standard in the food and pharmaceutical processing industries for more than 25 years, Baldor Washdown Duty motors continually raise the bar with more features to improved reliability.

Super White Washdown Motors
The new Super White Washdown Duty motors incorporate all of the great features of Baldor’s white washdown duty motors. This includes improved exterior paint, 300 series stainless steel shaft, hardware and nameplate, easily removable drain plugs, neoprene gaskets and sealers. This new line of motors includes a labyrinth seal on each end of motor, same size bearings on each end,and enhanced sealing around the lead exit.

Feather Picker Motors
Baldor Feather Picker motors are designed to withstand punishing, high-pressure, wet environments common in poultry processing plants. Dimensions, shaft and top mounted conduit box configurations make these motors interchangeable with most OEM poultry processing equipment. These motors have the same mechanical design characteristics as Baldor’s three phase painted Washdown Duty motors.

Brake Motors
Baldor Super-E Washdown Duty brake motors meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiency and are built to the standards of Baldor’s white Washdown Duty motors. These brake motors have their spring-set brakes mounted opposite the drive end, allowing a NEMA-standard BA dimension. Brake coils are connected inside the conduit box allowing easy access for separate connection when used with an adjustable speed drive.

Vector Motors
Washdown and Paint-Free versions of Baldor Vector Drive motors are designed for adjustable speed, full torque and precise positioning applications in a washdown environment.

Inverter Motors
Washdown and Paint-Free versions of Baldor AC Inverter Drive motors are designed for adjustable speed, full torque and precise positioning applications in a washdown environment.

Close-Coupled Pump Motors
Baldor close-coupled pump Washdown Duty motors are for commercial and industrial water pump applications, or food processing applications that are exposed to high-pressure washdowns.

56J Jet Pump Motors
Industrial pumping applications in wet or humid environments, especially in food and beverage processing facilities in which equipment is cleaned on a regular basis.

Stainless Steel Motors
All stainless steel construction including housing, conduit box and cover, base, fan cover and endplates. Impervious to rust and deterioration caused by high pressure caustic sanitizing. Provides longer trouble-free life than conventional motors.

Paint Free Motors
Baldor “Paint-Free” Washdown Duty motors are designed for applications where use of caustic cleaning solutions and regular high-pressure wash downs may compromise the surface of a painted motor.


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