JJ Loughran supplies & services Van der Graaf , Interroll & BDL drum motors which are internationally recognized manufactures of high precision, heavy duty and efficient motorised drum motors. Totally enclosed and impervious to high pressure cleaning & chemicals, which is a major benefit in food processing where hygiene is of the up most importance. From a luggage conveyor in an airport to movement of demolition waste, we have the right drum motor to meet your needs.

Hygienic Design
Tests have identified conventional external geared motor systems as being the main source of contamination in food processing. Interroll & Van der Graff Drum Motors, however, substantially reduce this risk due to the smooth, profiled, stainless steel finish, hermetically sealed and totally enclosed design.

At least 32% more energy efficient
Independent test results showed Interroll  & Van der Graff Drum Motors used 32% less energy (unloaded) and 47% less energy (loaded) than a comparable geared motor drive thus helping to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Higher output
Interroll & Van der Graff Drum Motors have a much higher efficiency than conventional drives used in the material handling industry, which normally transfer approximately 75% of their mechanical efficiency to the belt, compared to the Interroll drive which transfers up to 97%.

Space-saving design
Because the motor, gearbox and bearings are mounted within the drum shell, the drum motor takes up much less space than conventional drives such as gear motors. No need for costly extras like chains, v-belts, couplings, bearings, support structures and special guarding.

Safe and sound working environment
An Interroll & Van der Graff Drum Motor enhances the safety of your working environment. As a self-contained component without protruding parts and with fixed external shafts, it is probably the safest drive unit available for state-of-the-art material handling equipment. The only moving parts are the drum shell and bearing housings. What is more, our new drum motors incorporating durable high grade polished steel gears, reduce previous sound levels by 18% and are therefore quieter than many other drives found in the market today.

Maintenance-free operation
End-users benefit from an Interroll & Van der Graff Drum Motor because it requires absolutely no maintenance. The sealed-for-life drum motor design ensures trouble-free conveying of foodstuffs, unit loads or parts under the most arduous conditions. No maintenance results in lower operating costs and higher productivity.

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