MAYR Torque Limiters, Shaft Couplings, safety brakes and electromagnetic clutches and Brakes are designed and built in Germany. From humble beginnings to the market leader MAYR is still a family owned company with the current Managing director the grandson of the founder Christian Mayr.

The EAS torque limiter were launched onto the market in 1963 and the design has changed very little form the original design, often described as the airbag for your machine, MAYR torque limiters reliably protect machines and systems from expensive overload damage.
MAYR torque limiters are subdivided according to their functional principal into the following: -

Load Holding clutches limit the torque to the specified value but do not interrupt the torque transmission during overload. This is particularly important for vertical masses or massed moved in an inclined position, which must not fall uncontrollably.

Load Disconnecting clutches transmit the torque using positive locking. They disconnect the input and output on overload, meaning that they interrupt the torque or the transmission of force.

The ROBA-stop spring applied electromagnetic safety brakes provide high operating reliability during all processes. They protect people and machines reliably against damage through uncontrolled movements examples include during an emergency stop or power failure.

MAYR are the global market leader for elevator brakes, stage brakes, vertical axis brakes and pitch brakes for wind power plants.

The MAYR ROBATIC Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes offer high performance and compactness through optimum energy flow. Energised to engage electromagnetic clutches and brake MAYR ROBATIC and ROBA quick work using an optimised magnetic circuit. The high performance density, torque reliability and compact dimensions are based on this principle. Large friction surfaces and gentle switching characteristics minimise the wear on the friction surfaces. The switching characteristics remain constant without the need for maintenance or readjustment work over the entire lifetime.

The MAYR portfolio of products represents the cutting edge in technology, dependability and safety and JJ Loughran are proud to represent their products in Ireland.

EAS COMPACT IN OPERATION with MOTOVARIO B163 and ABB 75kW SYNRM Synchronous Reluctance Motor

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