ON 2nd September 2013 – 8am to 7pm @ JJ Loughran head office – Free iPad 4 & iPad mini Prize Draws

Typical running costs for a fully loaded motor are in the range £1,770/year for a 2.2kW motor to £25,970 a year for one rated at 37kW (assuming an electricity price of £0.08/kWh).Source Carbon Trust.

FACT: 65% of all global industrial electricity is consumed by the electrical motors that drive plant and equipment

FACT: Save Energy With Vacon - Save Money Using a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to reduce the speed of a pump or fan application can typically achieve the following savings; ·

Reducing motor speed by 10%, can achieve up to a 27% reduction in energy consumption ·

Reducing motor speed by 20%, can achieve up to a 48% reduction in energy consumption

SOLUTION : Visit our Vacon truck on 2nd September FROM 8 AM TO 7PM @ JJ Loughran Head Office in Cookstown. Get up close to leading products from the widest portfolio of AC drives around and take part in training discussions, product presentations, and ask questions to the industry’s leading experts, and much more.– READ MORE >>> 

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Posted on 11 Feb